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Upside down

Love them, hate them, or just damn scared of them, there is something about inversions that conjure up anything from fear, anxiety and a not-a-chance-in-h*ll feeling, to anticipation, excitement and ooo-let-me-try butterflies. Yoga encourages us to become increasingly self-aware and helps us identify unconscious habits and ingrained patterns. Going upside down is a great example of this – shaking things up, getting out of a rut, stepping outside what feels comfortable and literally looking at things from a different perspective.

The regularity of inversions in my own practice has been up and down, and whilst the physical benefits are huge (improved circulation and boosting immunity being a few), for me it’s the mental benefits that have always kept me coming back: * The courage of feeling the fear and doing it anyway

* The patience, perseverance and dedication when things don’t come easy

* The self-belief and confidence from the ‘a-ha’ moments

* The humility that comes from falling, getting up, and trying again (many, many, many times!)

So whether it’s a restorative Legs up the Wall, a wriggle around in Downward Dog, or an energising kick-up to Handstand, this week I’m getting inverted everyday – are you with me?!

Sending much love,

Sam xx

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