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Seasonal Shifts

I'm going to be 100% honest and admit that the recent change in weather and onset of shorter, darker, wetter days  has left me feeling pretty low, demotivated, exhausted and all-in-all pretty rubbish. 

Can anyone else relate? I’ve retreated as much as I can from anything social, and what little energy I’ve had has gone into teaching and showing up for my students, and not much beyond that. All my usual pow and pizzaz seemed to have been sucked out of me. I’ve always been sensitive to the change in seasons, and this year I’ve felt it stronger than ever. As the light, golden, start to autumn has transitioned towards its darker, colder, wetter end, my whole body and mood has seemed to change with it. This past year I’ve done a lot of work to better listen to, understand and make peace with my often self-destructive mental patterns. This heightened awareness of my inner environment seems to have directly translated to an increased sensitivity to my external environment. Be it the change in weather and shorter days, or the words, actions and opinions of those around me, I feel more and see more. I’m definitely coming out the other side now, I guess why I feel comfortable sharing on here. If anyone else is struggling and feeling the need to retreat at this time of year, know that it is so very normal. You are not alone in how you feel. Try not to resist it but to roll and soften into it.

Do what you need to do, the rest can wait. Be kind to yourself. Say no as often as you need to. Hibernate, invest in some fluffy slipper socks, fleecy PJs, and warming, comforting winter drinks. Enjoy this down time and know this period won’t last forever, the warmth and brightness of the Christmas lights are but a heartbeat away #leanintoit

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