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Routine lover or spice of life?

Are you naturally a lover of routine or always keen to mix things up?

The balance between the comfort of the familiar and the uncertainty of the unknown is a hard one to strike, and something I’ve been thinking of a lot recently. Change used to be something that threw me off completely, but something I’ve learnt how to soften and lean into. I am THAT person who always suggests meeting at the same independent coffee place in town, will chose Pret A Manger every single time for a lunch out, eats a similar breakfast most days (porridge-based green smoothie bowl forever), and is not truly herself until she’s sat and enjoyed her morning coffee. I like being home by 7.30pm to unwind for the evening, reading my book before I fall asleep, and I can’t start my day without my morning coffee and wriggle around on my yoga mat. Saying that, I like to move my body in lots of different ways. Whether it be a walk, a run, yoga, pilates, the gym, or a class at Studio Lagree, I have learnt to tune into what I need on each day rather than stick to a pre-made plan. I like getting creative with my yoga sequences and exploring different approaches to familiar poses in my classes - tip toe Warrior 2 with windmill arms is coming to a class near you my local yogis..! I love exploring a slightly different route when walking to familiar places rather than always defaulting to the quickest, and I love chatting with and getting to know new people. How about you?

Are you a natural lover of routine and find it uncomfortable when you move away from it? Or do you crave variety and get bored with the overly familiar?

Which one do you naturally lean towards and are there little steps you can make to get more comfortable with the other?

I’ve found it an interesting one to think about and would love to hear your thoughts on it!

Sending much love,


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