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Mood shifters

You know those days you wake up and just feel blurgh? Whether it be a bad nights sleep, stress, a feeling of loneliness, worry, failure, or just feeling low for no particular reason, mornings like that can ruin our entire day. Sometimes sitting with and not fighting these dips is needed, especially if they start to become the norm rather than the exception.. other times, when it’s less engrained and more of what I tend to call “the funk”, all the self-care tips in the world ain’t gonna shift that bad boy. It’s at these times the smallest decision can make or break my entire day. I’m not talking about the things we know help our long term mental health (good diet, regular movement, relaxation) I’m talking about the emergency, do-it-now-before-you-stop-to-think-about-it things that almost immediately stop the funk from growing roots. Here are my Top 3 go-to, quick fire mood shifters: MUSIC | The Greatest Showman soundtrack still does it for me every time

SUPPORT | Whether it be a long phone call or a 5 second WhatsApp, a moment of connection with someone I love helps me feel heard and supported

FRESH AIR | Eating my breakfast outside or forcing myself to take a 10 minute walk, fresh air always shifts my headspace How about you? What what you add to my list of go-to, instant mood shifters? #fightthefunk

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