International Yoga Day

Happy International Yoga Day!

Being a celebration of yoga, today is a great opportunity to reflect on what it is yoga brings to our life.

Why do you practice?

What is it that gets you on to your mat?

What benefits does yoga bring to your life?

Connection and calmness. That’s what yoga brings me. My daily practice is so simple. Hardly any of the extreme, funky looking instagrammable poses (although they are fun to practice, teach and face plant in, don’t get me wrong!), but daily, simple, mindful movement that creates space in my body and focuses my monkey mind. My first sun salutation usually starts off super fast and frantic, my body moving, my mind chaotic. My last sun salutation is slow, smooth, controlled. My mind and body connected. Yoga has helped keep my body strong, mobile and healthy. Yes, it is super rewarding to have mini breakthroughs with challenging poses, to notice changes and feel stronger, move easier and recognise just how capable our bodies are , but the big changes for me have been more subtle. The practice has slowly, gently taught me how to get better at feeling. That it’s ok to not be ok. To not push away and ignore the inner voice that starts small but can often yell full force to be heard. It allows me space to distil the self-destructive, sometimes all-consuming thoughts, and slowly but surely get more comfortable in stillness. To become less reactive, more aware. Better at being me. How about you?

What draws you to your yoga mat?

How does it make you feel?

I'd love to hear, please do get in touch and let me know!

Sending much love,


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