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Online Yoga & Pilates

Welcome to my online yoga videos! Whether you are new to yoga or a regular student, practicing yoga at home is a great way to incorporate a bit of movement and mindfulness into your daily life. 
I have filmed a variety of free 20-40 minute yoga videos, with lots of different styles for you to try out. One video may appeal more than another depending on how you feel on any given day. Be sure to listen to your body, take regular breaks when needed, and always modify as you need to cater for any injuries or health conditions you are currently working with. 
Many thanks for practicing with me, I really hope you enjoy the videos!  Please do leave a comment below the video or get in touch with me to let me know how you get on!

A few tips before you start..

  • Find a clear and safe space in your home where you are unlikely to be disturbed

  • Turn off your phone (or ideally leave it in another room)

  • If you can, after the class enjoy a few minutes of stillness. Observe your body & breath after the practice and allow your energy to settle

  • Drink a large glass of water after the class to help hydrate and energise yourself

Free Online Yoga
Yogalates Flow.jpg
This 40 minute class combines the slow, controlled movements of Pilates to improve posture, stability and core strength, with a dynamic yoga flow to help build strength, mobility and balance. Perfect for those who fancy a stronger, core-focused class. As always, listen to your body and let your breath guide you. This is one of my favourite styles to both practice and teach so I hope you enjoy!
Power Yoga Flow.jpg
Generate some heat and power in the body with this 42 min dynamic yoga flow! This is a stronger class so take pauses when you need to and challenge yourself when it feels good. Remember to listen to your body, let your breath guide you, and take rest whenever you need. I hope you enjoy feeling strong (and slightly sweaty) with me!
Pilates Abs.jpg

This 18 minute selection of my favourite abdominal exercises will get your whole core fired up! Take your time with these exercises. Think slow, small and controlled movements to help target your deep core stabiliser muscles and prevent any sensitivity in the lower back. I hope you and your core enjoy!

40 min Grounding yoga flow.jpg
This 40 minute flow is slow, steady and strong. We stay low to the mat and work on cultivating strength in the lower body to help ground your energy and bring awareness back to your foundations.
Headstand for Beginners.jpg
This 35 minute tutorial provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to build the strength and stability required for a headstand practice, as well as showing you how to gradually build up to a full headstand. Even if you can already do a headstand, there is always more to learn to refine our technique, so there are tips here for everyone! I hope you enjoy and have fun!
Gentle & Slow Yoga Flow.jpg

Join me on the mat for this 42 minute slow, gentle and nourishing yoga flow. Perfect for when you need to unwind, decompress, or when your body is feeling tight and tired but your mind restless and anxious. I felt super chilled after filming this so I hope your body and mind enjoy it as much as mine did.

35min Chair Yoga.jpg

This 35 minute chair yoga practice is great for those who work at a desk or are seated most of the day. We start with some centring and breath awareness before gently easing open the upper body and outer hips, areas that can  feel tight or tense after a long time seated. I hope you enjoy!

30 min  Strong & dynamic  yoga flow.jpg
35 min Wind down yoga flow.jpg
60 min Yoga Flows
A 40 minute practice to help you wind down and switch off after a busy day. You can practice this class to help ground yourself whenever you feel overly stressed or anxious, or to help relieve any tension, stress and anxiety in the body.
A 25 minute strong and fiery class to get your energy and body moving! As always listen to your body and do what feels good for you. I hope you enjoy!

60min Yoga videos

I have THREE yoga classes for you to purchase in those times your body and mind are craving a full-length practice. 
Cost is £10 per video, and once purchased it is yours to keep and come back to whenever you feel the need to get on your mat and move your body!
65min Heart Opening Flow.jpg
A 65 minute, dynamic flow (with options for all-levels) focused on opening up the chest, upper back and shoulders - great for the posture and in helping counteract all those hours we spend on our laptops and on our sofas. 
An energising class that will generate heat in the body and get your breath flowing -  open up your hearts and enjoy! 
To purchase send me an email and I shall send the payment details and video link straight to you!
60min Energising Yoga Flow.jpg
This 60 minute, energising yoga flow is strong flow class (with options for all-levels) that will get your body moving, energy flowing and help you develop that sense of strength in both body and mind.
To purchase send me an email and I shall send the payment details and video link straight to you!
Let's Get Twisty Yoga Flow.jpg
This 65 minute yoga flow (with options for all-levels), starts slow and gentle, creating space and openness in the areas of the body where tightness and tension can often make twists feel restrictive or uncomfortable - such as the hips, lower back and side body.
We then progress into an energising, dynamic sequence of space-creating twists which will leave you feeling refreshed and open! (This video is not suitable if you are pregnant).
To purchase send me an email and I shall send the payment details and video link straight to you!

Sam Whitaker | Yoga & Pilates

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