Class Styles

I believe Yoga and Pilates are for everybody, and my group classes are open to all-levels. I give options and modifications for both the complete beginner to the more experienced student to help ensure you feel safe, encouraged and empowered to challenge yourself.

I am also available for private and corporate classes in and around Berkshire, please contact me to find out more!

If you have queries on the classes please get in touch!

I teach a ‘vinyasa’ style of yoga, which is a dynamic flow class that focuses on a smooth, fluid transition between postures to help connect movement of the body with the rhythm of the breath. 

The class is designed to help develop strength and stamina whilst improving flexibility, balance and mental focus. There is a focus on safe alignment whilst transitioning through postures, with the co-ordination of breath and fluid movement helping to both focus and calm the mind.

Suitable for all-levels with plenty of options given to suit both the complete beginner and the more experienced student.

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Pilates aims to strengthen and stabilise your deep core muscles, which are your foundation, enabling you to move and breathe more efficiently whilst improving your posture, mobility, co-ordination and body awareness.

A typical class will challenge the entire trunk of the body; the abdominals, hips, inner and outer thighs, and the back (the “core”) with slow, controlled, precise movements and breath control.

A low impact class that is suitable for all-levels

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A dynamic yoga-pilates fusion class that combines yoga postures to cultivate strength, mobility and balance with Pilates techniques to improve posture, core strength and create a stable foundation for movement.

There will be a natural flow between postures and a focus on moving with the breath to enhance mind and body awareness.

The class is suitable for all-levels and for students looking to strengthen their core.

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A well-balanced class that starts with a slow, gentle flow (the ‘yang'), to warm and ease open the body, before moving into passive, long-held poses to stimulate the deeper, denser connective tissues of the body (the ‘yin’). 

The class is suitable for all-levels and for students looking to calm the mind and balance the nervous system. A class perfect for anyone looking to unwind, de-stress and relax.

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Yin Yang

Enjoy a healthy, happy pregnancy whilst preparing your body and mind for childbirth. Using movement, breath and mindfulness we'll focus on developing strength, relieving tension and conscious breathing techniques to help decrease discomfort, lower anxiety, improve sleep & deepen connection to your baby.

I currently only offer private prenatal yoga classes where each class is personalised and tailored to how you are feeling on any particular day to best support you and your baby throughout your pregnancy.

Get in touch to chat further about how I can best help support you and your bump through your pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga


Group Class Timetable

Due to the current situation with corona virus all in-person group classes are CANCELLED until further notice.
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My current public group class schedule is below.  Click on the class you are interested in for further details on how to attend.
Please get in touch with any questions!
LEO Yoga: £15 drop-in or various class packages available
SNAP Fitness: club members only, contact SNAP to book a free trial
Energising Yoga Flow: £10 drop-in, packages available. Open to everyone, BYOM, get in touch to come join us!

Events & Workshops

Below are a list of any workshops or events I have coming up. I'd love it if you fancied joining me at one of them! Full details are below but feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Sunday 26th January 2020 | 2-4.30pm | £30

4motion studio, Windsor

This workshop is for those who have been practicing yoga for a while but not yet experimented with going upside down (but keen to try!).

The workshop will include: 


  • An energising, dynamic yoga flow to strengthen the parts of the body needed for a headstand practice
  • The tools and techniques to safely enter and exit two different types of headstand

  • The skills to confidently practice headstands in future yoga classes

  • A closing restorative practice to integrate and slow everything back down

I'll never forget that feeling of "I actually did it!", when I made it up to my first assisted headstand, and am so excited to help you build the confidence and have the tools to be able to try it for yourself! 

If you're keen to join me click here to book your spot! (spaces are limited so early booking is encouraged


If you have any questions about the workshop just let me know.! really hope you can join me! (Mats, bolsters, blocks and straps are provided but feel free to bring your own)