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Hi there, my name is Sam!


About Me

I'm an international Yoga and Pilates instructor previously based in Hong Kong and trained throughout Asia. I am now based in Windsor and offer group, private and corporate classes in and around Berkshire, UK
I'm a huge fan of all things health and wellness, a big lover of sunshine, fresh air, long walks, jazzy yoga pants, good coffee and Netflix boxsets
A highly certified Yoga & Pilates instructor with >1,000hrs teaching experience, I teach Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Prenatal Yoga along with mat-based Pilates to beginner and intermediate students. My classes are creative, well-sequenced and encouraging, utilising both yoga and pilates principles to build strength, mobility, focus and create space in the body. With clear vocal cues and a smooth, natural flow between postures, we move in time with the breath to help enhance mind and body awareness.

My Story

After University I spent over a decade working as a portfolio manager for a large asset management firm in London, living and loving the long hours, high stress and fast-paced, late night lifestyle. Although I enjoyed it, I always struggled to unwind and destress from work, finding it difficult to slow down, switch off and relax. My body started to give me small signals that all was not well (think weight loss, mood swings, bad skin, low energy), and when I failed to listen those signals got a little louder (enter candida overgrowth, high anxiety, bouts of depression).
So it’s safe to say that Yoga came into my life during a pretty difficult period. In 2013 I was at breaking point (although still stubbornly refusing to admit it), and a change was forced upon me as my husband’s job took us to Hong Kong. So I quit my job, we packed our bags, and it was there that I discovered Yoga and slowly but surely started to get my mojo back.
My love of Yoga started with the physical - the increased flexibility, strength and openness in my body I felt after just a few classes was amazing. Although the increased mobility and strength is still a big motivator, today Yoga first and foremost is a mental health tool. It has taught me the importance of listening to, connecting with, and, for the first time ever, to appreciate and love my own body. Although I think I’ll always have those perfectionist tendencies and love for Microsoft Excel (who doesn’t love a bit of organisation and a well-thought out plan?!), I now have a better sense of calm and newfound respect for myself. I am more comfortable surrendering to that which I cannot control, and more aware of my thoughts, actions and my effect on others.
My goal as a Yoga and Pilates instructor is to empower others to connect with their breath and listen to their body. I love nothing more than a creative, well-sequenced class designed to create more space in the body and help quieten the internal chatter in the mind. I look to challenge, encourage and gently guide to create those moments where everything else fades away other than the movement of the body and the flow of the breath.
I believe both Yoga and Pilates are for everyone, no matter what your age, motivation or ability. I aim to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where each student leaves feeling happier, calmer and more in tune with their body than when they arrived. 
Thank you for reading my story - I hope there is something here that resonates with you.
I am currently on maternity leave and taking a break from teaching classes, however please do check out the free online videos I have on my website if you feel in need of some feel-good movement! I hope you enjoy them xxxx




Jun 2019 | 30hr Mandala Vinyasa Teacher training | Julie Montagu | London, UK
Nov 2017 | 200hr Yin Yoga Teacher training | Jo Phee & Jo Barnett | Radiantly Alive, Bali
Oct 2015 | 85hr Advanced Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training | Anne Da Silva | The Yoga Room, Hong Kong
Nov 2014 | 300hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training | Sampoorna Yoga, India, Goa
May 2014 | 200hr Foundations of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, International Yoga Academy | Anahata, Hong Kong
Nov 2018 | Polestar Pilates Mat Equipment Course | Moss Pilates, London
Dec 2017 | Polestar Pilates Mat Qualification Course | Isofit, Hong Kong
Health Coach
Jan 2018 | Integrative Nutrition Health Coach | Institute for Integrated Nutrition
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